PulsaCoil Common Faults

Here you will find a selection of PulsaCoil common faults found on PulsaCoil Thermal Store

Are you wondering if there is an easy fix for your PulsaCoil Thermal Store?

Dealing with a lack of hot water can be extremely stressful, wouldn’t it be good if there was an easy way to diagnose and fix a problem? Well, there may be a way of fixing your thermal store without the need of an engineer’s visit.

Select your PulsaCoil thermal store from the list below, you can get a better idea of the problem and arrange for the help you need – you might even be able to try a couple of these yourself!

If you’re in any doubt, or it is not an easy fix, DO NOT try to fix the boiler yourself – always call a professional, PulsaCoil repair specialist.

ThermaCoil Thermal Store



PulsaCoil PCS Thermal Store

PulsaCoil PCS

PulsaCoil PCR

PulsaCoil PCR Thermal Store

PulsaCoil PCR


PulsaCoil BP

PulsaCoil BP Thermal Store

PulsaCoil BP

PulsaCoil A Class

PulsaCoil A Class Thermal Store

PulsaCoil A Class


PulsaCoil 2000 Thermal Store

PulsaCoil 2000 

PulsaCoil 3 Thermal Store

PulsaCoil 3


PulsaCoil Original "Punch bag"

PulsaCoil Original Thermal Store

PulsaCoil "Punch Bag"

PulsaCoil Thermal Store Repair Service

Need an engineer?

All repairs guaranteed

No hidden costs

Manufacturer approved engineers

We provide affordable, fully qualified and highly professional PulsaCoil boiler repair and maintenance services throughout the south of England. When it comes to domestic and commercial PulsaCoil boiler service engineers, we guaranteed honest advice and high-quality workmanship at a fair price.

As specialists in the engineering of the PulsaCoil, we carry out all types of boiler installation, service and maintenance works, while providing comprehensive and straightforward advice. Our smartly dressed and professional engineers will explain everything you need to know clearly, making sure you are never baffled by technical terms or jargon, and provide exceptional customer service, both before and after works are finalised.

Book a repair with the UK’s leading PulsaCoil repair Specialists

Should you need to book an engineer visit, ensure your PulsaCoil repair is carried out by the people who know it best. The Plumbing Group Ltd. is the UK’s leading PulsaCoil replacement and repair specialist, with over a million customers and 20,000 repairs carried out last year alone. Our unique partnership with the leading PulsaCoil brands ensures you’ll receive an expert repair service when you need it.

Book a repair with The Plumbing Group Ltd. and we’ll arrange for it to be fixed by an official PulsaCoil engineer using genuine PulsaCoil spare parts. And with a network of PulsaCoil engineers across the south of the country, you can be sure there’s someone on hand in your area.

Because we use official manufacturer engineers and spare parts, your PulsaCoil repair will benefit from our high first-time fix rate – which means less chance of having to wait for a second or third visit.

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