Lait House, BR3 5LN, PulsaCoil A-Class

We have created this PulsaCoil A-Class repair Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical repair. Mr O contacted us as he was not getting hot water from his PulsaCoil A-Class and required an engineers visit. Lait House, BR3 5LN, PulsaCoil A-Class Repair Case Study features a residential development comprising 81 high quality one and two bedroom apartments, that are located close to Beckenham High Street. Mr O is just one of the many customers that we work for in this area.

Lait House, BR3 5LN, PulsaCoil A-Class Repair Case Study

Mr O contacted The Plumbing Group Limited as his PulsaCoil A-Class was not working. He was no longer getting any hot water. An engineer headed out to the property to find out what the problem was. Once he had arrived he did a thorough inspection of the boiler. It was found that the relay and base had burnt out and had therefore failed. This meant that the unit was not being allowed to heat up.

The engineer explained the issue to Mr O so he understood what had happened and what needed to be done.

In order to fix this, the relay and base had to be replaced with a new one. Then engineer was able to do this then and there as he had all spares and parts that he may need with him.

Once this had been done Mr O was shown how his units works and also given some advice on basic check he could do himself in need be. For example checking that the header tank is full as well as how to refill it. Another round of final tests were then done to ensure that there were no more issues with the boiler.

The engineer was able to complete the repair within the hour and did so with no complications. Mr O was extremely happy to have hot water later on that evening.

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