Denton Court, UB7 7JG, PulsaCoil A-Class

We have created this Thermacoil Installation Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical installation. Mr E contacted The Plumbing Group Limited when one of his tenants were without hot water. Denton Court, UB7 7JG, PulsaCoil A-Class Replacement Case Study features a residential development consisting of 16 high quality 2 bedroom apartments that are situated close to the town centre. Mr E is just one of the many customers that we work for in this area.

Denton Court, UB7 7JG, PulsaCoil A-Class Replacement Case Study

Mr E called The Plumbing Group Limited when a tenant informed him that they were no longer getting any hot water. An engineer headed out to the property to take a look at the boiler. On arrival our engineer found that the cylinder was split and required a replacement. Our engineer was able to perform a temporary repair for the tenant. This was to give her hot water until her replacement arrived for installation.

Mr E opted for a ThermaCoil replacement option over the new PulsaCoil PCS. This is because the Thermacoil is a far less complicated system. Within a PulsaCoil you will see components such as a Printed Circuit Board, Pump, Sensors and Relays. The ThermaCoil however, has replaced all of these with a single mechanical blending valve. For the user of the system it is no different but for long term maintenance it is much simpler. Also the PulsaCoil PCS only has a five-year sliding scale warranty, the ThermaCoil a ten-year warranty.

The installation was carried out in under four hours and the old unit was removed and ethically disposed of.

The new ThermaCoil comes with a 10 Year Manufacturers cylinder warranty, for further details visit

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