Daniels House, RH10 7SR, PulsaCoil A-Class

We have created this PulsaCoil A-Class repair Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical repair. Mr R contacted us as he was not getting hot water from his PulsaCoil A-Class and required and engineers visit. Daniels House, RH10 7SR, PulsaCoil A-Class Repair Case Study features a residential development made up of 37 high quality apartments with a selection of bedrooms and close proximity to Tilgate Forest Gold Course. Mr R is just one of the many customers that we work for in this area.

Daniels House, RH10 7SR, PulsaCoil A-Class Repair Case Study

Mr R first contacted The Plumbing Group Limited when he began experiencing problems with his PulsaCoil A Class. Mr R called to inquire about when we would be able to get an engineer to him. Luckily, we were able to send someone that same day. Our engineer went out to the property to take a look at the boiler. He found that the boiler was not being allowed to heat up correctly. After a further investigation, our engineer found that the off peak immersion had blown and as a result was leaking.

In order to fix this our engineer had to drain down the PulsasCoil A Class entirely. He was then able to remove and replace the off peak immersion. Once this had been done, the unit could be refilled.

The engineer was able to complete all of the repair then and there as he had all spares and replacements with him already. The engineer managed to get the whole job done within in two and a half hours. Mr R was extremely happy with the engineers work and to have hot water later on that evening.

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