Battery Road, London, SE28 0JL, PulsaCoil 3

We have created this Thermacoil Installation Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical installation. Battery Road, London, SE28 0JL, PulsaCoil 3 Replacement Case Study features a high quality development of flats that is located opposite Paddington Tube Station. Mrs T is just one of the many customers that we work for in this area.

Battery Road, London, SE28 0JL, PulsaCoil 3 Replacement Case Study

Mrs T first contacted The Plumbing Group Limited when she started having problems with her PulsaCoil 3. She had noticed that there was a leak and called for an engineer to come out to take a look. When the engineer arrived he found that her boiler was in quite a bad state and was no longer repairable. The cylinder was split and leaking and therefore beyond economical repair. As a result of this, the whole boiler needed to be replaced.

Mrs T decided to go for a Fabdec ThermaCoil as her replacement boiler as opposed to the PulsaCoil PCS. This is the replacement boiler that we would recommend. The reason for this is that it is a far less complicated system than the PulsaCoil. It runs off of a single mechanical blending valve while the PulsaCoil has a lot more components. This includes a Printed Circuit Board, Pump, Sensors and Relays for example. For the user of the system it is no different but for long term maintenance it is much simpler.

The engineer managed to remove and dispose of the old unit and install the new one within four hours. He then showed Mrs T how to maintain and operate her new boiler for future reference.

The new ThermaCoil comes with a 10 Year Manufacturers cylinder warranty, for further details visit

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