Ashleigh Court, WD17 2PJ, PulsaCoil A Class

We have created this PulsaCoil A Class repair Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical repair. Ashleigh Court, WD17 2PJ, PulsaCoil A Class Repair Case Study is centered around a residential development in Loates Lane, Watford and contains 88 high quality one and two bedroom apartments, that are situated just a few minutes from the Harlequin shopping centre. Mr B is just one of the many customers that we work for in this area.

Ashleigh Court, WD17 2PJ, PulsaCoil A Class Repair Case Study

Mr B got in contact with The Plumbing Group Limited when he began having some problems with his PulsaCoil A Class. Our engineers were sent out to the property to check over the electric thermal store. Once they had arrived and carried out a range of checks, they found the cause of the problem. The off peak relay had failed and as a result, was not allowing power to get to the immersion to heat up the water.

In order to fix this, the engineers had to remove the wiring off the existing off-peak relay, replace the relay. They then tested this to make sure it was working as it should be. Mr B was kept informed during the whole process.

The repair was carried out with no issues and was complete within 1 hour. Mr B was extremely happy to have hot water later on that evening. Mr B also asked us to check his elderly neighbours PulsaCoil A Class, which was not working properly.

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