Altima Court, SE22 9AL, PulsaCoil A-Class

We have created this Thermacoil Installation Case Study page to enable you to see before and after images of a typical installation. Altima Court, SE22 9AL, PulsaCoil A-Class Replacement Case Study features a residential development in East Dulwich Road, London which comprises 72 high quality one and two bedroom apartments and is located close to Peckham Rye Park. Mr O is just one of many customers that we work for in this area.

Altima Court, SE22 9AL, PulsaCoil A-Class Replacement Case Study

Mr O called The Plumbing Group Limited when he began experiencing problems with his PulsaCoil A-Class. Our engineers headed out to the property to find the cause of the problem. Once they had done a thorough inspection, it was found that the internal cylinder was split and leaking. When this is the case, the unit is beyond economical repair and has to be replaced with a new one.

Normally, the engineers would be able to do a temporary fix until the new unit could be installed, however that was not possible here due to the amount of rust and corrosion from the leak.

Mr O had two replacement boilers to choose from; the Fabdec ThermaCoil or the PulsaCoil PCS. Although they do the same thing, they are fairly different systems in terms of how thy work. The PulsaCoil contains components like a Printed Circuit Board, Pump, Sensors and Relays. The ThermaCoil on the other hand runs off of a single mechanical blending valve.

In this instance Mr O decided to go for the PulsaCoil.

The engineers removed the old unit, making sure to dispose of it correctly, and installed the one one. They then showed Mr O how to maintain and operate his new unit for future reference.

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